Recycled Glass Countertops

Imagine the possibilities of recycled glass countertops and recycled porcelain countertops in your kitchen or bathroom. Customizable and eco-friendly, GlassSLAB countertops from GLASS RECYCLED SURFACES are easy to maintain and will last for life of your building. Made out of 100% recycled glass and porcelain aggregates, GlassSLAB is available in a variety of custom countertop sizes. Our recycled glass countertops are perfect for remodeling or new construction, and are affordable and easy to install for an experienced countertop fabricator.

No GlassSLAB is the same. With different glass colors, porcelain and finish options, your kitchen, bathroom or other countertop will be one-of-a-kind. We have 400+ different styles already created, but we also encourage you to design your own unique look.

GLASS RECYCLED SURFACES makes each GlassSLAB countertop by experienced terrazzo artisans in Texas. Our 100% recycled glass, porcelain and color-customizable resin countertops can be shipped worldwide. If you have a schematic of your finished project with measurements, we can help you figure out the number and size of slabs you’ll need.

To install GlassSLAB recycled glass countertops in your kitchen or bathroom, you will need a reputable countertop fabricator. If you can’t find one with GlassSLAB experience, we suggest that you find someone who installs granite, marble or engineered stone. The installer can cut the polished GlassSLABs tops to fit, and then seam them together in your layout. They should also measure and cut complete sink cut-outs and edge detailing. We have compiled a list of installation tips to share with your installer.

Many customers ask how GlassSLAB recycled glass countertops compares to granite. They’re very similar in durability, lifespan and beauty, but GlassSLAB lets you make an artistic and environmental statement. Granite is taken from the earth, whereas GlassSLAB respects the earth by reusing glass bottles that would otherwise mount in landfills.

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Glass Recycled Surfaces offers custom made recycled glass products. Simply choose your resin colors, glass colors and your edge type to begin building your custom made recycled glass product. Please contact us for more information on ordering!

Are you a builder preparing construction documents that include a GlassSLAB product? This pdf will help!

Builder Guide Specification PDF

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GlassSLAB Recycled Glass Countertop Maintenence

Care for your recycled glass countertops is easy. Highly resistant to household stains, they can be cleaned with neutral cleaners and polished with a professional grade marble/granite polish. And although GlassSLAB is resistant to heat and scratches, we recommend using a cutting board and heat-proof trivet.

GlassSlab Maintenance Procedure PDF

GlassSLAB Pricing List

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