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GLASS RECYCLED SURFACES® is committed to creating environmentally friendly and sustainable recycled glass countertops, flooring, landscaping and other surface solutions out of recycled glass and porcelain fragments. With the ability to create custom sizes and color combinations GLASS RECYCLED SURFACES is the chic option for countertops, flooring, landscaping and decor. GlassSLAB®, GlassPLANK®, GlassSCAPE® and GlassDECOR® products are environmentally beneficial construction materials that aid significantly toward the environmental goals of green building projects seeking certification under the U.S. Green Build Council LEED rating system. GLASS RECYCLED SURFACES provides quality products to homeowners, builders, architects, designers and multi-family developers at a very competitive cost per square foot. Our uniquely designed products for fabrication and installation offer a new fresh perspective for eco-conscious consumers globally.

…We invite you to imagine the possibilities!

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