Our Products

Glass Recycled Surfaces provides post-use recycled glass products for homes and businesses. Our countertops, flooring, landscaping and home decor surfaces are customizable, environmentally friendly and have an unique aesthetic quality that you won’t find anywhere else. Imagine the possibilities.


kitchen countertops
Add character to your environmentally-friendly home with these recycled glass and porcelain interior surfaces in a variety of custom sizes.


recycled glass flooring
Take a walk on broken glass with our flooring made with recycled glass and porcelain tiles that measure in a variety of custom sizes available in thickness sizes; ¼”, 3/8”, ½” and 5/8”.


recycled glass landscaping
Mulch your own landscaping with our recycled glass and porcelain filler – perfect for groundcover, aquariums, fountains, and anywhere else that sand is used,


recycled glass table tops decor
Use our recycled glass and or porcelain for almost any interior surface imaginable, including ceiling tiles, elevator panels, door panels, table tops, stair treads and risers, custom vanity tops and more. If you have an idea, we can probably make it happen.

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