Imagine the possibilities of an environmentally-friendly landscape covering that is visually appealing and beneficial.

Glass recycled surfaces turns broken glass bottles and porcelain fixtures into decorative, sustainable mulch that comes in a range of sizes with virtually no sharp edges.

  • Sizes 0 - 7
  • Retains moisture
  • Reduces evaporation

Glass Recycled’s mulch is unlike traditional mulch – Glass Mulch retains moisture and reduces evaporation rather than absorbing water like wood mulch. Glass mulch ground cover works great in garden pathways where erosion and drainage is a concern. For best results, we recommend that you first apply a landscape fabric barrier to keep dirt from mixing with the recycled glass.

Glass Mulch can also be applied to aquariums, fish ponds, golf courses, beaches, construction for dust control, planters and more.

Glass Mulch is available in various sizes:

  • Size 0 contains glass pieces that are between 1/16 in and 1/8 in Size 1 ranges in size between 1/8 in to 1/4 in
  • Size 2 is between 1/4 in and 3/8 in
  • Size 3 is made of glass in between the sizes of 3/8 in and 5/8 in
  • Sizes 4-7 have a wider range from 3/4 in to 1 1/2 in.

Glass Mulch is sold exclusively on the Glass Recycled Store. Click here to view purchase options.