1. Can glass recycled surfaces products be installed outside?

    While standard windows filter ultra violet rays sufficiently for any type of indoor application, epoxy is not recommended for use in outdoor applications where it will receive direct, unfiltered sunlight.

  2. How do homeowners and/or designers locate a fabricator or installer for glass recycled surfaces products?

    Please contact your glass recycled surfaces reprsentative for information on fabrication and installation in your area.

  3. What equipment is used to cut and polish glass recycled surfaces material?

    Glass Recycled Surfaces products are cut and polished with the same equipment used to cut and polish granite and quartz. Tooling designed to work with solid surface, metal, or wood will not work with our product.

Glass Slabs & Tiles

  1. What are slab dimensions?

    Slabs are available in 2CM and 3CM thicknesses.
    Full sized slabs are 118” x 58”.
    Half slabs are also available at 118” x 39”.

  2. What are tile dimensions?

    Standard tile size is 12” x 12” x 3/8”.

    Custom sized tiles are available upon request.


  1. Can I be assured I will get a flawless product?

    Recycling glass and porcelain into extremely durable surfaces is an art and not an exact science. It’s possible that your product will contain a small number of glass chips that differ from your sample. Also, the extreme hardness and non-porous nature of epoxy resin carries with it a rapid cure time that does not always allow for all air bubbles to fully escape the mixture. The surface will be extremely low maintenance, but you may notice an occasional tiny pinhole. Glass Recycled Surfaces invites you to consider these occasional variations not as irregularities but as tiny mementos of the recycled nature of the surface. These variations only add to the unique character and make for a more interesting environmental story.

  2. Do glass recycled surfaces products scratch easily?

    Glass Recycled Surfaces products are scratch resistant but not scratch proof. We recommend using a cutting board when working on countertops made from Glass Recycled Surfaces products. Use care when moving furniture across Glass Recycled Surfaces tile, as grit or sand trapped under furniture legs can scratch the surface of the tile.

  3. Once I’ve decided on a color scheme, can I receive a sample of what it will look like?

    Yes, absolutely. After you select your glass and epoxy resin colors, we will send you a sample of what your finished slab will look like for approval.