What We Do

Glass Recycled Surfaces turns glass bottles and recycled porcelain fixtures into beauty. Instead of being placed in a landfill for thousands of years, we turn post-consumer and industrial glass into gorgeous slab material. Unique countertops, flooring, and wall applications are created from our products. By mixing crushed glass with an epoxy resin, we have created over 1,000 custom designs. Searching for a unique look for your home or office? Glass Recycled Surfaces will work you with to create your custom look.

At Glass Recycled Surfaces, your imagination has no boundaries. With multiple glass options and fully customizable, pigmented epoxy resin, your color possibilities and aggregate combinations are endless.

What Makes Us Different

Some of our competitors combine glass with cement to create their slabs. We use a unique epoxy resin that is far superior. In fact, we hold a patent on the process. Cement has limited color choices, is heavier than epoxy, and creates a structural weakness when combined with glass.

Epoxy resin binder advantages over cementitious binders include:

  • Virtually endless color possibilities
  • A much lighter weight
  • Longer lasting structural integrity
  • Low maintenance

Glass Recycled Surfaces is the only manufacturer that specializes in the color of resin and the choice of glass, porcelain, and shell.


GRS countertops are cost competitive with quartz and granite and provide you with long term value as the developer/owner. Costs are between $1200-$1600 per apartment unit.


It takes glass one million years to decompose in a landfill…GRS turns glass bottles, industrial glass and porcelain into sophisticated countertops. By using GRS you are contributing to the reduction of this ever-expanding pollution. Created from a combination of 85% upcycled glass aggregate and VOC/BPA-free epoxy resin, GRS can contribute to USGBC LEED® points.

Low Maintenance

GRS is scratch, heat, and stain resistant. It is non-porous and a lighter weight than most surface materials. For maintenance only a mild soap and water is required. Our competitors require professional resurfacing or total replacement if damaged. In the unlikely event your GRS countertops chip, they can be easily, quickly, and affordably repaired.