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Add a Splash of Color!

backsplash ideas
Adding color to the darkest of corners can bring light into the not so inviting spaces throughout a home. The wasted space that corners leave behind creates an abyss for knick knacks to reside. In a kitchen the bottom of cabinetry can create dark heavy shadows over a beautiful countertop. Installing lights to showcase the quality of a countertop might not always be enough to convey that the underside of a cabinet can also be used for kitchen prep work. A back splash can bring in accent colors and depth to the smallest of kitchens.

Our GlassPLANK can dual as not only as flooring tiles, but tiling for a back splash. GLASS RECYCLED’s products can bring a new ambiance to the dullest of kitchens. What is your kitchen missing? Add a little “green” to your home to bring a new meaning to a fresh start.

The aura that a freshly renovated kitchen can provide along with fresh fruits and upcycled aesthetically pleasing atmosphere will enhance any cooking and gathering experience.

recycled glass backsplash idea

 These recycled glass backslashes have been designed to be illuminated by color changing LED lighting at night.  We will be posting night photos soon.

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