Now discounted is our Collection Series sample box. Each box sample contains 12 hand selected samples by the purchaser including samples from all 3 collections, GALAXY, CLASSIC and PREMIER. Tucked in with the samples is a folder highlighting price points and a breakdown of each of the product lines. Making our ordering process easier than ever our GlassSTORE is a one spot stop for ordering desired samples.


sample snip


This spring GLASS RECYCLED released a new series of samples known as the Collection Series. Each collection features different samples based on the recycled content that’s blended and bonded with the resin. In addition to the collections, GLASS RECYCLED has new pricing system based on which collection the sample is from along with the total  square footage.

The first collection that was developed was the GALAXY Collection which includes 24 different resin colors with either recycled glass or porcelain aggregates. The CLASSIC Collection focuses on the mixed recycled bottle glass made up of browns, greens and clear, but also includes plate glass and mirror. In addition to the aggregates options in both the GALAXY and the CLASSIC collections the PREMIER Collection features premium recycled glass and mother of pearl- recycled stain glass and blue glass.

Visit: http://glassrecycled.com/galaxy-collection/

Pricing: http://glassrecycled.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/GlassSLAB-Collection-Price-List-031413.pdf

At GLASS RECYCLED we receive calls daily about where and how to recycle glass. Many times people are unsure where to take empty bottles, occasionally jars or even florescent light bulbs. We do not take in glass at our facility due to numerous variables, but we strongly encourage you to visit a local recycler prior to throwing away any glass.

Recently we took part of a children’s educational television show, Curiosity Quest. Partnering up with Lighting Resources out of Fort Worth, TX made it possible to showcase the life of a florescent light bulb. From a home or office building to the recycler- the light bulbs go through several recycled processes. Sorting parts to crushing the bulb a florescent light bulb is recycled within minutes. Once the glass is gathered it then is brought to our warehouse where we are able to mix the local recycled glass into our existing resin. With the wide array of colors we then are able to produce recycled florescent light bulb countertops.


Clips from the video can be found HERE.



One week ago GLASS RECYCLED launched the GALAXY Collection- highlighting two aggregates, recycled clear glass and porcelain. Some samples have the appearance of granite while others look as though they came straight from the galaxy. Featured in hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals across the nation our GlassSLAB has proven to hold its captivating appearance and strength throughout the years.

With the rise in demand for a line that caters to the commercial aspect of architectural designs- we have been able to meet their needs with a specific line that simplifies the customization process. Open to both the commercial and residential, the GALAXY Collection offers a new distinct look for all types of renovations and new constructions. With 12 resin colors to choose from and 2 aggregate options our GALAXY Collection gallery is made up of 48 samples. To view our samples please visit http://glassrecycled.com/galaxy-collection/. If you are interested in seeing samples please inquire by calling or emailing us directly: 888.523.7894 glassrecycled@gmail.com.

Pictured is a countertop in an Alabaster resin with clear glass.


In our efforts in becoming greener we have finally ditched our plastic bubble wrap. After a long journey with various packaging companies we have established a more green way to ship our samples to your door step.

The new packaging consists of strictly cardboard… we found that our durable products do not need bubble wrap to successfully make it into the hands of potential customers. We were able to create a custom package to deliver our custom samples in a beautiful green way. Upon opening your sample box or kit enclosed is a presentation of our story. Each sample sits in a bleacher stance ready to be shown to friends, family and colleagues. With less tape our new packaging has a self-locking mechanism that allows us to use 1/3 of the original amount of tape we using before. You may also notice the ink. With all ink soy based we have reduced image sizes and colors to deliver a clean crisp look upon arrival.

If are impressed with your recent sample box let us know on our Facebook!

Throughout the past year GLASS RECYCLED has been sharing more information than ever with designers and architects. We have been sending news letters announcing special promotions along with images of impressive installations. By signing up with GLASS RECYCLED for our news letters you can anticipate an email every other month or so announcing news worthy accomplishments and/or promotions. To sign up you can contact us directly or visit our Facebook and with a click of the mouse you can join GLASS RECYCLED’s mailing list.

We currently have a promotion that discounts the cost of price per sq. ft. and eliminates crating costs along with shipping for both local and national applications. This seasonal promotion is by far the best pricing we have ever offered to the public. It is not too late to take advantage of the promotion; with 6 days left everyone qualifies to save some money this Holiday season.

The New Year will open many doors for creativity as we have recently completed fireplaces and mantel applications. We have also been busy creating table tops of all sizes and shapes for numerous GlassDECOR purchasers. (Pictures to come…)

From all of us at GLASS RECYCLED we wish you a safe and healthy holiday season.

Texas meets New York with the collaboration of GLASS RECYCLED and Modono Glass Collection. The glass and tile industry take a stride together to create what we like to call, Funfetti. The new Funfetti line offers more color than imaginable. Like all custom glass products we offer the Funfetti line is available in customized resin colors along with several different aggregate options.

“The Modono Glass Collection was created by nationally recognized designer Carrie Fazio. Fazio has created this collection that utilizes varying textures and sizes to bring a radically new design element to both interior and exterior spaces.”

In the summer of 2012 Modono Glass Collection came to us at GLASS RECYCLED and showed a concern for their remnants and the desire to recycle his unusable products and it wasn’t long until we poured and polished a perfect marriage in between the two industries.  Contributing to both the residential and commercial worlds the Funfetti is ready to hit the market and kick off the New Year this January 2013.

Stop by our showroom to get a sneak peak at the possibilities for 2013 with GLASS RECYCLED and Modono Glass Collections joint efforts.

When customizing our SLAB or PLANK products there are three steps to completing a customized order. One being choosing a resin color from our palette or a selected color the customer has provided as the base; next step is choosing the recycled aggregate. At GLASS RECYCLED we offer an array of glass, mode and mirror. In addition the aggregates we also offer mother of pearl, which contributes a subtle shine and pearly glow to a recycled glass application. All of our aggregates are recycled and then upcycled into our products, but one question we often receive is where does the recycled mother of pearl come from?

Our mother of pearl comes from recycled items such as buttons, art, and musical instruments and is delivered to us at our Dallas showroom and warehouse.  We then take the mother of pearl and sort it into different sizes. Our most popular size is size two which is the largest of our recycled MOP.

MOP is not only visually appealing, but it also does a great job incorporating subtle tans, pinks, whites and purples. The colors and shine that the MOP adds into an environment serves a dual purpose- calming and soft appeal. Designers more times than not place our recycled MOP glass applications in bathrooms and kitchens in client’s homes and apartments.

A project which is underway not only stunning, but involves numerous shades of neutrals with hints of porcelain backed with a rich beige resin.

Although our printed brochure is printed responsibly with soy based ink and is not a product of deforested trees, we are proud to say we are taking strides away from contributing to the amount of waste that is found in landfills by including our interactive brochure on our web site- creating an interactive experience while saving paper.

Our GLASS RECYCLED brochure contains numerous pictures of several applications that have been installed across the United States. Each picture represents years of serving the public with customized terrazzo designs that have been perfected and delivered to our customers. From countertops to flooring the brochure displays the variety of color and glass mixture that cater to both residential and commercial environments.

Each product category is summarized in the brochure; the web site itself focuses on more of the detail and description of each product.

Highlighting a few samples and breaking down the resin colors it is easy to imagine our recycled products in your home or office. Breaking down the process of creating a custom application is as simple as 1, 2, 3 and our brochure displays the options and the simplicity of working with us at GLASS RECYCLED. The resin colors included in the brochure are some of our most popular and neutral colors. The glass aggregate in the selection process is the second step to producing the perfect surface; from size to color we are capable of mixing in porcelain and mirror along with the glass.

When you are ready we invite you to imagine, design and create with us at GLASS RECYCLED.